Interactive Touchscreen in Retail

Why Interactive Touch in Retail ?

Retailers of today face greater challenges than ever before, as competition grows fiercer and customers become smarter. The rapidly evolving business climate of the retail industry requires new solutions that can keep up with these changes while using such innovations to drive sales and realize cost savings. Digital signage is increasingly being leveraged by retail owners to effectively bring a dimension of technology and interactivity to their traditional retail settings, which is helping to effectively visualize your offering and stimulate customer purchase intent and also manage display and contents with ease.

Why Israk Display Solutions in Retail

Israk’s versatility and technical prowess can be seen through the entire line of its indoor and outdoor display solutions that can adapt and meet the various needs of retail owners.

Discover a range of sizes for indoor/outdoor LED/LCD signage that ensure brightness and enduring operation time.
Promote your brand image effectively through owning the world’s slimmest videowall with an ultra-slim 1.6mm bezel depth
Find the application format you need through support for multiple uses (Standalone, videowall, outdoor, e-board)
Develop more advanced specialty products to enhance your retail business.
Israk signage brings you industry-leading picture quality while always ensuring that its advanced products are always responsive to industry trends and the ever-changing retail environment.

Allow for indoor or outdoor signage to enable the most vivid visibility, super narrow bezel and slim depth in your business setting
Attain UHD resolution digital signage that can support multi-screen functionality with various input sources
Israk deploys advanced management solutions to streamline display monitoring and control.

Simplify processes involving display management, such us network scheduling and remote management
Update content conveniently through advanced functionality including real-time DB connection, content authoring, and content updating via mobile devices.
Easily install digital signage through a remote control function that enables IR reception on the panel center, allowing install to be completely handled by one staff member
Israk ensures robust signage that supports 24/7 operation and ultra-durability.

Deploy outdoor signage that can withstand even the most hazardous weather conditions (IP56-certified water- and dust-proof)
Realize effective time management as Israk’s patented cooling system for its all-in-one solution doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance and upkeep such as filter changes.