Interactive Touchscreen in Government

Why Interactive Touchscreen in Government

Government service areas typically need large format display and flexible content publish and management system to improve viewer’s visualization experience. Increasingly, Government agencies are seeking to improve customer service, to enhance their visitors experience. In other areas, advancements in technology and service delivery systems have improved; this has correspondingly led to higher public expectation from Government services.

Governments, industry associations, and all kinds of businesses need a convenient and efficient government-enterprise information communication channel to get rid of traditional oral notifications, hand-written notification bars, and conference boards. The large-screen display of digital signage supports the centralized release of policy information by the functional departments of the government and enterprises and supports the sharing and interaction of information among various departments. It can also improve the efficiency of work and also make the relationship between employees more harmonious.

For government departments that require a lot of external communication, digital signage replaces traditional posters and bulletin boards to become the best new communication platform. All the latest announcements and advocacy information, and even the live broadcast of the conference, can be updated to all screens in real-time through the Internet, which greatly improves group communication efficiency.