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We are Malaysia's leading company in providing touch solutions that are incredibly durable and exceptionally responsive. Our products are proven in the toughest environments and are trusted by major corporations around Malaysia

Touchscreen Kiosks

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Our objective is to transform your business operations to enable stronger communications, connectivity and collaboration using interactive touch screen technology. We have ready made kiosk designs, addons or sticker customization as well as in-house customization work. Contact us to discuss your requirement or visit our gallery to view our products.

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Floor Standing Kiosk

Floor Standing

These upright models are ideal for standing users, but are also fully accessible by those in wheelchairs. It can reach your target audience from farther away because content can be easily seen from a distance and can be used for almost any application.

touch kiosk

Horizontal Kiosk

A popular option in corporate information and interactive application since does not limit the height of the user to navigate the whole screen because the whole thing is now lower. Further more, it looks elegant and eye catching.

ipad kiosk

Tablet/Ipad Kiosk

The are many Android and iPad apps readily available and easy to develop. Hence the need for this tablet kiosk/enclosure. Usually, it must come with lock-capable enclosure and option to fix to the floor or table to ensure safety. either tabletop or floor stand.

touch monitor

Touchscreen Monitor

Touch monitor or panel to be placed on a wall or existing kiosk? Our modern and slim-type touch monitor is suitable for any occasion. There are difference sizes available from 19" to 65" of IR, Touch Foil or Capacitive Touch technology.

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Transform your ordinary wall into an Interactive Whiteboard too!

Do you know you can transform your ordinary wall into a touch-enabled panel, or so-called an interactive whiteboard? Let's check it out, we can make it happen with a fraction of a cost for big 120" size!. Once you have the interactivity setup, you can then explore the endless possibilities of Interactive Learning and Teaching with our free Interactive whiteboard software or many other software available in the market.

The Interactive Whiteboard comes with two parts: emitter and sensor. The emitter can be attached on a flat surface. It emits infrared laser curtain on the surface which is about 1mm thick invisible light and parallel with the projection screen surface, 1-2mm above the screen surface. When the finger or any non-transparent object touch this virtual surface, the light will be reflected and detected by the sensor. The computer will figure out the position of the mouse by accurate calculating the reflected light position. Wallah !

Interactive Whiteboard